Professional Development

Indigenous Voices is a professional development program for faculty and staff that stimulates dialogue, encourages learning and supports collaborative action in building reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Collaborating with colleges, schools, divisions and individuals, tailored programs are developed to meet the unique needs of our partners and support the exploration of Indigenous histories, worldviews, ways of knowing and contemporary issues. The goal of all programming is to support the creation and application of new skills and knowledge that contributes to professional development.

The Indigenous Voices programs are designed to meet the learning needs of a wide range of participants with various levels of knowledge and experience with Indigenous peoples, cultures and histories. The programs leverage multiple academic and community resources to facilitate sustainable, long-term growth for colleges, schools, divisions and individuals. For example, the programming can help:

  • model the respectful and constructive—yet critical—reflection of Indigenous students’ and community members’ unique learning approaches, ways of knowing and academic experiences;
  • explore and develop alternative instructional skills that support diverse students’ needs, help build community in the classroom and facilitate active learning;
  • critically reflect on policies, procedures and services that support or challenge the process of building reconciliation in the classroom and across the university; and
  • build independent relationships with Indigenous communities or people in Saskatchewan who can provide ongoing knowledge about languages, cultures, histories and treaties.

Contact the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness at or 306-966-2231 for more information about the Indigenous Voices programs. 

Research Resources

Aboriginal Research Resources
Aboriginal Research Resources brings together interdisciplinary sources and information relating to Indigenous studies and Indigenous histories.

Indigenous Studies Portal
The Indigenous Studies Portal (iPortal) connects faculty, students, researchers and members of the community with electronic resources: books, articles, theses, documents, photographs, archival resources, maps, etc. iPortal provides one place to look to find resources for Indigenous studies.

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation Archives
Access the five million electronic statements, documents and other materials collected by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission throughout the course of its work.  

Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture
This website is the most comprehensive attempt to chronicle traditional Métis history and culture on the web and contains a wealth of primary documents—oral history interviews, photographs and various archival documents—in visual, audio and video files.

University of Saskatchewan Archives
The University of Saskatchewan Archives, in collaboration with other publically-accessible archives in the province, have a special section of material relating to First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples.

Research Centres

Research centres are collaborative groups of faculty and staff that work together in a concerted manner on specific areas of research. The Aboriginal-related centres of this university are:

Community Engagement

The university has a strong history of working closely with various groups in Saskatoon and with communities around the world. To help promote these meaningful connections, the university has funding available as well as a compilation of various resources. Visit Community Engagement and Outreach for more information on how to get involved in this meaningful work.