The Aboriginal Advisors’ Circle (AAC) began as a support for Indigenous advisors and other staff members who wanted a place to share information and ideas and the opportunity to support one another. Since it began in 2002, the membership of AAC has grown to comprise of academic advisors and co-ordinators who work exclusively or extensively with Indigenous students, as well as others who provide supports and services for Indigenous students. Members of the AAC are most often the people most connected to Indigenous students, their families and Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan and beyond.


The Aboriginal Advisors’ Circle exists to
  1. make recommendations to the Advising Council on issues related to the academic, social and cultural advising of Indigenous students;
  2. make recommendations to the vice-provost, teaching and learning on matters related to the retention and success of Indigenous students; and
  3. support one another, distribute information and share best practices.


The Aboriginal Advisors’ Circle creates a welcoming, understanding and supportive university environment that enables Indigenous students to succeed and achieve their academic goals.  

Access the Aboriginal Advisors’ Circle SharePoint site. 

Currently, with the support of the AAC, the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives is undertaking a project to establish a clearer picture of how people at the U of S access Indigenous cultural support, including an analysis of the needs and aspirations of the university community in this area. From this, we hope to strengthen our capacity, recognize and support faculty and staff who work in this area, and engage in Indigenous ceremonies and cultures in a respectful, sincere and sustainable way. 

This work remains ongoing with more consultations and focus groups to respond to the interim report

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